2016 Postseason Predictions (Giuseppe)

AL WILD CARD:Blue Jays Beat Orioles

I believe that the Blue Jays Will Win 8-3 because even though the Orioles have Manny Machado and Mark Trumbo, I believe that the Blue Jays have a much better offensive lineup and better pitching. I think the Blue Jays will blow the O’s right out of the water.

NL WILD CARD: Mets beat Giants

Yes I know that it is a bold move going against the Giants on an even year but I believe the Mets have the wild card game in the bag. According to http://www.Fangraphs.com team overall pitching stats, the Mets are #1 overall in MLB for pitching. Compared to the Giants who are #13. I believe that this game will be a pitching duel and the Mets are going to beat the Giants 1-2. If not then the Giants (#5 overall in offense) may come out on top due to the Mets (# 11) lack of offense.

ALDS 1: Indians Beat Red Sox in 5

Ok so this prediction is tricky because according to http://www.fangraphs.com the Indians are one spot below the Red Sox in both categories (hitting and pitching). Of course those numbers are too close to make a prediction off of so I’m going to go with my gut and say the Indians win this series.

ALDS 2: Blue Jays Beat the Rangers in 5

I think this because the Blue Jays have a solid batting order that ranks 6th overall compared to the Rangers batting order that ranks 15th. Also, the Blue Jays are 6th place in pitching overall compared to the Rangers with a sad 24th place overall. The Blue Jays are going to smash the Rangers if my thoughts are in any way correct.

NLDS 1: Dodgers Beat Nationals in 4

The Dodgers and the Nationals are very evenly matched up. They have both been dominating teams this whole season and I say that the Dodgers come out on top. I think that Corey Seager and Clayton Kershaw will out play Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy.

NLDS 2: Cubs Beat the Mets in 3

The Cubs have been an unstoppable team this whole year and if they do the same in the postseason as they did in the regular season they should sweep the Mets no problem. Trust me the Cubs will win this series!

ALCS: Indians Beat the Blue Jays in 6

I think the Indians will win because of their aggressive mentality and their small ball style of play. The Blue Jays hit tons of home runs and are not a very fast team, while the Indians steal tons of bases and I think their ability to take the extra base is what is going to help them win this series.

NLCS: Cubs Beat Dodgers in 6

This should be a good series between two great teams. I have been led to believe that the Cubs will win due to the fact that they are the best offensive team in baseball and the 4th best defensive team in baseball. Even though the Dodgers have the 4th best offense and the 3rd best defense the Cubs are clearly the better team this year.

World Series: Cubs beat Indians in 6

The Cubs have won over 100 games this year and the Indians have won just over 91. The Cubs as I said are the #1 offensive team in baseball, the Indians are #3. Also the Cubbies are 4th overall for pitching and the tribe is 9th overall. I think the Cubs will win the World Series in 6 games. These reasons (along with a little bias towards the Cubs) are why I think that the Billy Goat Curse will be no more in 2016.




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