Mike Trout For MVP 2016 (Giuseppe)

A quote was once said by baseball philosopher Yogi Berra,”You can observe a lot by watching”and I think that applies to Mike Trout more than anyone in baseball. Mike Trout has been the best player in baseball since his rookie season in 2011. He took the baseball world by storm and is breaking records constantly. This article is going to explain why I believe that Mike Trout should take home the MVP award in 2016, so without further ado let’s get started.

The main contestants for the MVP award this year are Manny Machado, Jose Altuve, Josh Donaldson, Mookie Betts, and of course, Mike Trout. After doing a costume stat search on Fangraphs.com and it ranked the players as, #5. Manny Machado, #4. Jose Altuve, #3.Josh Donaldson, #2. Mookie Betts, and yes you guessed it #1. Mike Trout.

Mike Trout this season stole 30 bases and hit 29 home runs (one away from a 30-30 season. Also, Trout hit an impressive .315(.016 higher than last season). He also had 100 RBI(Runs Batted In) and took 116 walks. Along with a .550 Slugging percentage.

Along with being a great hitter, he is also an excellent fielder. He had a .989 fielding percentage. Anyone that follows the Angels (such as myself) can tell you about the numerous amounts of diving, sliding, and home run robbing catches.

If that is not good enough for you then maybe you would like to know about the 32 Hall of Famers he has passed in career WAR (Wins Above Replacement)this season. They are the following: (According to http://usat.ly/2dDjjdw)

Lefty Gomez, Hoyt Wilhelm, Earl Averill, Jim Rice, Buck Ewing, Johnny Evers, Kiki Cuyler, Hack Wilson, Phil Rizzuto,Catfish Hunter, Jack Chesbro, Roger Bresnahan, Goose Gossage, Red Schoendienst, Hughie Jennings, Earle Combs, Rabbit Maranville, Hugh Duffy, King Kelly, Chuck Klein, Travis Jackson, Addie Joss, Sam Thompson, Herb Pennock, Dizzy Dean, Edd Rousch, Lou Brock, Deacon White, John McGraw, Frank Chance, Heinie Manush, and Ernie Lombardi.

Mike Trout has been so good that star baseball player Joey Votto after the last game of the season said this:

Personally, until (Mike) Trout came into the league, I thought every year that I would be in the conversation for best player in the game and he f—–d that up for everybody. Babe Ruth and Ted Williams included. He’s ruining it for everyone.

When players like Votto are saying things like that about Trout it shows how much respect these players have for him, even if he has only played for 5 years.

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, not the Most Valuable player on a Winning Team. Do you consider Ryne Sandburg or Ernie Banks bad players because they were on the Cubs? Was Tony Gwynn a bad hitter because he was on the Padres? Or perhaps you think that Ken Griffey Jr. is a horrible athlete because he was on the Mariners? Ted Williams with the Red Sox, Hank Aaron with the Braves? Do you think these players are trash because of the teams they play for!? Of course not!!! So do you think that Mike Trout who is clearly the best player in baseball this season shouldn’t win the MVP because he is on the Angels?


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