Mike Trout and Kris Bryant Win 2016 MVP Awards (Giuseppe)

Yesterday, the most anticipated award in MLB this year was announced. Mike Trout, center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Kris Bryant, third baseman for the reigning World Series champion Chicago Cubs, have won the 2016 American and National league MVP awards.

2016 MLB MVP Voting Results
American League 1st-Place Votes 2nd-Place Votes 3rd-Place Votes Total Points
Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels 19 8 1 356
Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox 9 17 4 311
Jose Altuve, Houston Astros 0 2 15 227
National League 1st-Place Votes 2nd-Place Votes 3rd-Place Votes Total Points
Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs 29 1 0 415
Daniel Murphy, Washington Nationals 1 11 10 245
Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers 0 11 10 240

Source: BBWAA.com

As you can see in the voting results above, Mike Trout edged out Mookie Betts by a score of  356-311, while receiving 10 more first place votes. Mike Trout led the majors in walks, runs, and on-base percentage. Hitting .315, with 29 home runs, and 30 stolen bases (one home run shy of having a 30-30 season) in 549 at bats. Along with a .991 OPS, 123 runs (led the league), a.441 on-base percentage (led the league), and a .550 slugging percentage.

Image result for mike trout hitting

Add it all up and Trout is only the second player ever to hit .315, walk 115 times, score 120 runs and steal 30 bases in a single season, joining Ty Cobb in 1915.

According to the article: Trout claims ‘Surreal’ second AL MVP Award

In the National League, Kris Bryant destroyed the competition. He outscored second place finisher Daniel Murphy by 170 points. He was one first-place vote shy of winning unanimously with 29. Bryant also had an excellent season with 39 home runs, 102 RBI, and a .292 batting average. He also had a .939 OPS, a .554 slugging percentage, and a .385 on-base percentage. Kris Bryant is now one of four people to win the MVP award the year after winning the Rookie of the Year award, joining Cal Ripken Jr., Ryan Howard, and Dustin Pedroia.Image result for bryant  kris

As you can see based off of Trout and Bryant’s stats, they are both very deserving of the award. Regardless of whether they are on a fourth place team (Angels), or on a team that won the World Series this year(Cubs). So there you have it, Mike Trout has now added another trophy (and free vehicle) to his already outstanding resume, while Kris Bryant is just getting started.

Will Trout be what the Angels need to turn the team around in 2017? Will Bryant lead the Cubs to a second World Series title next year? It looks like we will have to wait until next year for the answers.

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