The Cubs Choose to Visit the White House before Obama Leaves Office (Giuseppe)

Despite the fact that one of the co-owners of the Cubs will be part of the Trump Administration. The Cubs have decided to visit the White House before President Barack Obama leaves office and is replaced by President-Elect Donald Trump.

Usually, the World Series winning team visits the White House the next summer while playing a road series against either the Nationals or Orioles, but this year the Cubbies are doing something different. They will be visiting Chicagoan President this coming Monday. 

It is not certain as to how many Cubs will make the trip to D.C. after being given relatively short notice. But according to a source cited by the Chicago Sun-Times, there should be a “large majority” of players visiting the White House.

Despite being a Chicago White Sox fan, Obama claimed that he was rooting for the Cubs in the World Series. Obama tweeted after the Cubs won the World Series saying this, “It happened: @Cubs win World Series. That’s change even this South Sider can believe in. Want to come to the White House before I leave?” He also congratulated them at a rally for Hillary Clinton.

Well, it looks like the Cubs have decided to take him up on his offer. During Obama’s two terms, the Blackhawks had been the only Chicago team to visit him, but they put themselves in that position three times by winning Stanley Cups in 2010, 2013 and 2015. That will definitely change on Monday.

Wait, there are two sides to this story. It may have been an awesome way to end Obama’s Presidency, but there is one person that will not be pleased. Donald Trump! Who could blame him, though? If I was in that situation I would be furious! Nonetheless, if I was Obama or the Cubs, I would prepare myself for some ridicule and angry messages on my Twitter account.


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