L.J. Hoes Suspended 50 Games for a Drug of Abuse (Giuseppe)

Free agent outfielder L.J. Hoes was suspended on Wednesday for 50 games without pay following a second positive test for a drug of abuse.

Hoes has not had a very prestigious Major League career, never playing in more than 56 games, with 4 home runs, a .237 batting average, 22 runs batted in, and 73 hits in his four-year career. He is going to turn 27 on March 5 and he hasn’t appeared in an MLB game since July 23, 2015, with the Houston Astros. He spent the 2016 season in the Orioles system where in 102 games at Triple-A Norfolk, he posted a slash line of .242/.318/.331.

Here he is connecting for the first of his four career home runs over the glove of the best player in baseball:

This suspension marks the 11th Minor League drug suspension this year. Hopefully, this is the second and the last drug suspension given to Hoes, but only time will tell if it is. Hoes’ 50-game suspension won’t begin until he is on a roster, but it is pretty safe to say that with his suspension and his sub-par stats, he will be waiting for a while to serve his penalty…a long while.

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