Adam Wainwright and Stephen Piscotty Will Really Want to Forget Last Night’s Game (Giuseppe)

Last night, the Cardinals lost a one-run game to the Cubs, and it is definitely a game that Stephen Piscotty and Adam Wainwright want to bury very deep in the ground.

The Cubs were victorious over St. Louis, mainly because of an outstanding catch by Albert Almora to rob Matt Adams of a home run in the 7th inning. The Cards also had the bases loaded in the sixth, but could not put a run across. As bad as that must be for the Cardinals, there are two players that had it a lot worse than the rest of the team.

Let’s start out with Adam Wainwright, in the fourth inning, Wainwright threw a pitch that went a total of 25 feet and bounced all the way to the backstop, as if he was intentionally spiking the ball.

It turns out that he actually was intentionally spiking the ball. Wainwright said after the game, that he was about to throw a fastball but saw his catcher, Yadier Molina, setting up for a curveball, trying to avoid injury to his catcher, he spiked the ball.

Unfortunately, the pitch was a victim of many online jokes, here are a few…

Many people online are also comparing it to Carly Ray Jepson’s first pitch for the Tampa Bay Rays, and they are actually quite similar.

Now, let’s move on to Stephen Piscotty who had probably one of the worst trips around the bases in history.

Here is a video of his unfortunate baserunning dilemma, mixed with a viral comedy sketch of a soccer shootout in which the goalie gets hit in the face 5 times, if you are unfamiliar with Scott Sterling, you can watch it here. 

To start everything off, Piscotty gets drilled inside of his right forearm/elbow by a Jake Arrieta fastball. Then, on a wild pitch during Kolten Wong’s at bat, Piscotty ran to second and was greeted by Wilson Contrera’s throw right into his opposite shoulder. Then, finally, Wong hit a ground ball to second, and it was bobbled by Javier Baez. Seeing the Baez misplayed the ball, Piscotty ran for home and was greeted, this time, by a Javier Baez throw right to his left ear.

Now you can see why both Wainwright and Piscotty did not have what you would call a banner day yesterday. I know that these two mishaps are going to follow these players around wherever they go and will result in hundreds of memes and jokes, but nonetheless, it is still hilarious.

One thought on “Adam Wainwright and Stephen Piscotty Will Really Want to Forget Last Night’s Game (Giuseppe)

  1. Let’s talk about the Angels and there continued Bull Pen issues, The amazing 3 run bomb to win it or Kole Calhoun’s continued Gold Glove performance with his amazing catches in back to back games

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