Not Showing Up For Work is Not Okay (Daryll)

I decided one day I just didn’t want to go to work. I had made some plans with my girlfriend to get away for the weekend, but had been hesitant to tell work about it. I was a couple years into the job, but still felt an unnatural fear to ask for days off in case they thought I was being lazy or some other unfounded judgement of my character.

So, one Thursday morning I left for the open road of Santa Barbara with my girlfriend, completely ignoring my responsibilities. It was all going well until we stopped for breakfast around 10 in the morning when I got a call from my boss.

“Daryll, where are you?”


“…yea, you need to come in to work.”

Now of course my problem was multiplied – not only had I not shown up to work, I hadn’t told my girlfriend that I hadn’t told work I wouldn’t be coming to work. So I ended up driving my girlfriend to the coast, driving back to San Diego, showing up for a couple hours of meetings in the mornings, then driving back to Santa Barbara. Definitely not worth it. I was 24 years old and making roughly $50,000 a year.

Matt Harvey the other night failed to come to work for the Mets Saturday. Except that he is 28 and makes $5.1M. Big difference.

The team has now suspended him for three games, but this comes on the heels of a team that seems to be falling apart with injuries. Top slugger Yoenis Cespedes is hurt, “Thor” Noah Syndergaard is out for the season yet they remain near .500 for now at 15-16. Remember how it doesn’t seem long ago Matt Harvey was asking for the ball for the 9th inning? At this point it’s hard to see this team regrouping for any sort of playoff run.

Baseball though is one long story – and 162 games strong at that. The narrative is determined though by what happens on the field between the lines. If the Mets rebound to make the playoffs, they will tell how this conflict brought the team together as a “team”. If they keep losing – Harvey will be the scapegoat that ripped the fabric of team chemistry apart.

Now rumors are running rampant. Apparently Harvey called the team after a round of golf Saturday and said he had a heachache and couldn’t make it in. Of course starting pitchers and showing up on the four days they don’t pitch has long been cause for some clubhouse division. Remember the Red Sox and the fried chicken and beer stories of 2011?

Reports have surfaced now that Harvey was out at a club well into the early hours of Saturday drinking – which is a different reason for that headache altogether, and not natural causes. To show such a blatant disregard for your job is horrible – and perhaps a reminder that some millennials fit the stereotypes that society has thrust upon them. (As an older millennial I resent these stereotypes – and also think the general narrative misses the many good things millennials have brought to our business culture).

What will happen next? Will the Dark Knight end up more like the Joker? Can Gotham be saved?

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