Mike Trout Has Hit 5 Home Runs In 6 Games (Giuseppe)

It appeared to everyone last year that there is no way that the great Mike Trout could get any better after his MVP campaign in 2016 when he was so good that the BBWAA writers overlooked the Most Valuable aspect and just flat out went with the best. It turns out that Trout can and will get better.

Trout has begun the season batting .341/.451/.752 with 13 home runs over his first 37 games, and accomplished a feat that even he has not achieved in his storied career, he hit a home run in four consecutive games, then he went 0-3 in the following game, and returned the next night to hit his fifth home run in six games.

Here is the video of his fifth long ball in six games that helped the Angels to a 12-8 win over the White Sox.

As I mentioned before, Trout now has 13 home runs this season which is tied for second in all of the MLB, according to ESPN, he is on track to hit a whopping 49 home runs which would beat his career high of 41 in 2015 by 8, but knowing Trout he is most likely going to surprise us and hit 50+ home runs.

If you want to see trout hit a home run in the All-Star Game and possibly win his third All-Star Game MVP Award, you can vote for the Melville Meteor Here.

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