Albert Pujols Hits 600th Homer in Grand Fashion (Daryll)

It is strange to say it, but it was almost an inevitable truth that someday Albert Pujols would hit 600 home runs. Saturday night he did so by hitting a Grand Slam to secure an Angels victory.

He becomes just the 9th hitter in history – though if you take out proven PED users Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa he is just the 7th. If you take out Barry Bonds who is highly suspected but not proven he is just the 6th.

By the next way, the next projected member to the 500 home run club is Miguel Cabrera who sits at 451 entering play Sunday.

Albert was nicknamed “The Machine” when he burst onto the scene in 2001. He had what is generally regarded as the best first 10 seasons in Major League History.

In his first 11 seasons he played, all with St. Louis, he hit 445 home runs with a .328 batting average and 1,329 RBI. Wow.

His numbers have declined some in their impressiveness since signing that 10 year $240 M contract with the Angels at the age of 32, but remember this is someone who was drafted in the 13th round in 1999. He knows a little something about performing in spite of people’s doubts.

His grand slam was the first time players have hit a grand slam for the 600th home run, but this makes sense as Pujols has not shied away from the dramatic moment. Who can forget his dramatic Game 5 NLCS home run which essentially ruined Brad Lidge?

Or what about his three World Series home runs in 2011?

No, Albert hitting a grand slam for 600 just seemed right. At 37, he doesn’t seem done yet. Seven Hundred – a number which A-Rod fell 3 short of – seems in reach. He hit 40 in 2015, 31 last season and seems poised this year to get to at least 30 again.

With all the talk about Bryce Harper, Miguel Cabrera, and of course his teammate Mike Trout – Albert Pujols still stands as the best among us for what he has been doing for 17 seasons.

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