Aaron Judge is Having A Great First Season, But Let’s Be Reasonable Baseball Fans (Giuseppe)

Yankees rookie Aaron Judge took the MLB by storm by hitting 22 home runs (leading the MLB) and leading the Yankees in pretty much every offensive category known to man. He has the most home runs with above an 115 MPH exit velocity with 6 while Joey Gallo follows him with 2. He is on track to hit 57 home runs which would make a serious run at Roger Maris’ unofficial single-season home run record.

At this pace, he will not only win the Rookie of the Year award but the MVP as well with the great Mike Trout unable to contend with him after missing 2 months due to and injury while sliding headfirst into second base.

The Yankees have introduced a section in the right field bleacher called the Judge’s chambers and he has been massively publicized over the past few months.

May 22:  Fans sit in the right field fan section named

This is very cool and fun, and yes, Judge is having a great rookie season, and he is possibly on track for the best season by a rookie in the history of Major League Baseball, but fans please, I am begging you stop going completely insane!

If you don’t know what I am talking about then why don’t you look at this tweet from SPORTSTALK1240?

First of all, a player must have played a minimum of 10 seasons to be eligible to be voted into the Hall of Fame so the very question itself is ignorant and flat-out idiotic.

Second of all, the fact that 26% of the people that answered this said that he is a first-ballot Hall of Famer is a flat out insult to all of the game’s greats that played their entire careers with passion, skill, determination, and grit, and made the game fun to watch for thousands of people and were given the honor of all honors in baseball by being selected to the Hall of Fame.

This is just a plain and simple insult to those that dedicated their lives to the game and were the greatest ever at it.

Also, this is not the only case where Aaron Judge’s early success was taken way too far out of proportion.

In this disgraceful top 5 All Time Sluggers list it puts Barry Bonds on top, Darryl Strawberry 2nd, Alex Rodriguez 3rd, Mark McGuire 4th, and you guessed it, Aaron Judge fifth. Regardless of how bad this list is there is no excuse to put Aaron Judge, a rookie, as one of the top 5 greatest sluggers ever. Even putting him in the top 50 is an overstatement he is a rookie he hasn’t had any time to prove himself as a long-term star.

I am not saying not to give credit where it is due but let’s face it Aaron Judge is not a first ballot Hall of Famer yet nor is he anywhere close. He is also not one of the greatest sluggers ever, yet. He is not baseball’s savior he is just a rookie that is tearing up the Majors in his first season. He is doing great but we, as fans, need to stop, take a breath, not take this too far out of proportion, and let one of the game’s brightest rising stars play the game.

The defense rests.

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