Giancarlo Stanton Wins NL MVP Award (Giuseppe)

The most highly anticipated award in the MLB has crowned its National League Recipient, he is none other than Miami Marlins star slugger Giancarlo Stanton.

After two seasons in which Stanton just could not stay healthy for the life of him, Stanton managed to stay healthy in 2017 and put up Babe Ruth-like numbers. In 159 games, Stanton had an MLB leading 132 RBI, .631 Slugging Percentage, and 59 home runs. Just think about that for a second. Stanton also led the NL in OPS after putting up a 1.032 mark. The injury-prone Giancarlo Stanton had finally proven that he was worth the 13-year $325 million contract that he was given in 2014 as long as he stays healthy.

Stanton has been one of the biggest growth stories this offseason as he has received a plethora of trade interest and is likely to be traded this offseason, if so, he will join Alex Rodriguez in 2004 as the only players to be traded in the same offseason in which they won the MVP Award. Stanton is now the only player in Miami Marlins Franchise history to win an MVP Award.

What makes Stanton’s win so special is not as much how many home runs he hit, but how close the voting was. Stanton was up against finalists Joey Votto of the Cinncinati Reds, and Paul Goldschmidt of the Arizona Diamondbacks. As you can tell there was a lot of debate this year on what the MVP Award means since Votto plays for the lowly Reds, Goldschmidt for the playoff-contending Diamondbacks, and Stanton for the below .500 Marlins.

The voting results were arguably more interesting than the candidates. Goldschmidt came in third with 239 points, Votto came in second with 300 points, and wait for it, wait for it, Stanton won the award with 302 points. That’s right, Stanton beat Votto out of the award by 2 points.

Both Stanton and Votto each received 10 first-place votes, but Stanton just barely outscored him with more votes of a higher rank. According to the BBWAA’s site, this was the third closest NL MVP voting result and the fourth closest of all time.

“There was a tie in the NL in 1979 when first basemen Keith Hernandez of the Cardinals and Willie Stargell of the Pirates each received 216 points.

There have been two one-point margins, one in each league. In 1944, Cardinals shortstop Marty Marion won over Cubs outfielder Bill Nicholson, 190-189. The closest American League vote was in 1947 when Yankees center fielder Joe DiMaggio edged Red Sox left fielder Ted Williams, 202-201.”

The full ballot can be seen on the BBWAA’s site.

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