Doubleday Double Talk MLB Predictions 2018 (Daryll and Giuseppe)

Attention, attention!

The MLB Season opens up Thursday, March 29th. As in for ALL teams. It’s the first true “Opening Day” since 1968  – instead of a staggered schedule or even opening internationally as MLB has done over the past several years.

So – your intrepid and enthusiastic writers Giuseppe Vitulli and Daryll Dorman are very excited – and want to share that with you! What is the best way to do that? Predictions of course!

This season, instead of separate predictions like we did last year here (when Daryll called the Astros) and here (Giuseppe had the Red Sox), we will be co-authoring our division predictions and release them over the course of the week starting on Monday, March 19th. The schedule will be as follows:

Monday, March 19:  National League East

Tuesday, March 20: National League Central

Wednesday, March 21: National League West

Thursday, March 22: American League East

Friday, March 23: American League Central

Saturday, March 24: American League West

Sunday, March 25: Post-Season predictions

Monday, March 26: Awards Predictions

So set your calendars, make sure to subscribe to our blog, and come back to see inside the crystal ball we have exclusive access to which will foretell how the 2018 season will unfold…until it doesn’t…

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