Justin Turner Boo Boo Baby (Daryll)

I don’t yet have kids – but when I do this is a moment I can only hope for:

Funny enough, I know the dad Andrew and played many times with and against him. He is a diehard Dodgers fan and as he said, “Looks like he’ll be on ESPN. He’ll achieve a lifelong dream of mine by age 3.”.

Justin Turner, Dodgers 3rd Baseman and Beardsmith extraordinaire, broke his left wrist last night after getting hit by a pitch in spring training, and little Declan was upset about it. Turner wins by writing back and offering tickets to his first game back (no timetable yet) which will be probably at least a few weeks into the season.

Turner hit 23 home runs and .323 last season for the National League Champion Dodgers and is always a dangerous hitter amidst a dangerous lineup. The Dodgers will likely move Logan Forsythe over to third in the interim and some platoon of Chase Utley and Enrique Hernandez at 2nd base.

That makes the second viral MLB video a Visalia, CA native has made this week, including Stephen Vogt’s Brewers recreating a famous Sandlot scene:

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