Colorado Rockies Sign Charlie Blackmon to 6-Year, $108 Million Extension (Giuseppe)

The Colorado Rockies and superstar centerfielder Charlie Blackmon agreed to a 6-year, $108 Million contract extension on Wednesday. The deal reportedly could be worth $116 Million as a result of incentives.

The deal will pay Blackmon $12 Million in addition to the $2 Million signing bonus from the contract in 2018, which essentially replaces the $14 Million arbitration-avoiding deal Blackmon signed in January. The deal will then pay Blackmon $21 Million from 2019-2022, and Blackmon will be entitled to a player option in 2022. 2023 will have a $10 Million Player Option, subject to various bonuses and escalators.

There are a good amount of incentives and escalators that could heighten the lucrativeness of the extension. They are as follows…

  • If Blackmon finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the National League Most Valuable Player Award Voting, his salary for 2023 will be increased by $2 Million. Any season in which he finishes in 4th or 5th place in the voting increases Blackmon’s 2023 salary by $1 Million.
  • If Charlie Blackmon has between 400 and 575 Plate Appearances in 2022, his 2023 salary escalates an additional $5 million. This could become an issue as Blackmon compiled a staggering 725 plate appearances in 2017.
  • Blackmon’s 2023 salary may not exceed $8,000,000 in total due to incentives, making Blackmon’s max salary for 2023 $18 Million.
  • The deal also includes limited no-trade protection. Blackmon will additionally gain 10/5 rights (ten years total service time, five with his current club) following the 2022 season, which will allow him to veto any trade that he does not find appealing.
  • Blackmon will further get a hotel suite for all road games, which not unusual amongst season veterans.

Charlie Blackmon is coming off of a monster 2017 campaign in which he won the National League batting title while hitting a phenomenal .331/.399/.601 with 37 homers and 104 RBI. Blackmon also lead the National League with 14 triples, 213 hits, 137 runs and 725 plate appearances. Blackmon additionally won a Silver Slugger Award, was given an All-Star nod and finished fifth in the National League Most Valuable Player Award voting.

Blackmon could have been a part of what is projected to be one of the greatest free agent classes in Major League history in 2018 and despite the horrendous 2017-18 Offseason, Blackmon was set up for a massive payday. Rather than risk getting a weaker contract in free agency, Blackmon decided to go the safe route and re-sign with Colorado.

Charlie Blackmon has become a household name amongst baseball fans and is a fan favorite for the Rockies Faithful. This signing will lock Blackmon up until at least 2022, giving him a guaranteed spot and financial security, and will help Colorado both financially, as well as giving the team a better shot at winning as they strive for the first World Series Championship in Colorado Rockies franchise history.

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