2018 MLB Season Starts That Won’t Last (Giuseppe)

At the beginning of every Major League Season, there are teams that have extremely good and extremely bad starts. This article will look at the teams who have had really good (or really bad) starts and talk about why they will not last. So without a great deal of procrastination, here are the MLB Season starts that won’t last.

New York Mets:

1st in National League East with 10-1 Record

The New York Mets have gotten off to an insane start with a .909 winning percentage, but it will not last. The Washington Nationals have been in a major slump and has dropped all the way down to 4th in the East. The Washington Nationals will soon get out of their slump and the Mets’ early season magic will wear off. The Mets will still be top contenders for a Wild Card Spot, but the Nationals are just too good.

Washington Nationals

4th in National League East with 6-7 Record

Bryce Harper has had a phenomenal start to his 2018 Contract Year Campain and despite already leading baseball with 6 home runs the Nationals have not had the same fortune as their star player. Washington has consistently dominated the National League East and has been expected to make the Postseason for the last few years. Washington will get back to its winning ways shortly with Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer at the helm.

Pittsburgh Pirates

1st in National League Central with 9-3 Record 

Let’s face the facts, the Pirates are going to be horrendous in 2018 and are going to finish at either the bottom or close to the bottom of the division when the 2018 season is said and done. The Pirates have played seven of their first 12 games against the Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds. The Pirates have played weaker competition to start the season and their fantastic start will wear off as the 2018 season proceeds.

Los Angeles Dodgers 

4th in National League West with 4-7 Record

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a fantastic team with a potent lineup of young talent led by Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger along with a pitching staff led by Clayton Kershaw and Alex Wood that strikes fear into the hearts of any batter who dare stand in its way. Los Angeles has won the National League West 6-years in a row and after making a World Series appearance in 2017, the Dodgers are not going anywhere for a long time. They are off to a slow start but expect them to be fighting for the division title shortly.

Boston Red Sox 

1st in American League East with 10-2 Record

The Boston Red Sox shot straight to the top of the American League East and have left the Yankees gasping for air. Even though the Red Sox are a great team, they will see a decline as soon as the New York Yankees get out of the slump they are currently in. The Red Sox’ lack of power outside of J.D. Martinez will show as the season progresses and as the Red Sox start to dip, the Bronx Bombers will soar to the top.

New York Yankees 

3rd in American League East with 6-7 Record

The New York Yankees are sinking while their division rival Boston Red Sox are soaring, but this will not be the case for long. The Yankees took the most powerful lineup in baseball and made it even stronger by trading for Giancarlo Stanton this offseason. Unfortunately, for the New York Faithful, Stanton has been a strikeout machine and the Yankees as a team have not done much better. The Yankees have an outstanding lineup and a great pitching staff to boot. After they get out of this funk that they are in, the Red Sox will have a hard time keeping up.

Which team starts do you think will not last?

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