Robinson Cano Suspended 80 Games After Testing Positive for Performance-Enhancing Drugs (Giuseppe)

Seattle Mariners All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano was suspended for the use of Furosemide on Tuesday. The suspension is for 80 games and Cano will go unpaid during that timespan.

Furosemide is a loop diuretic (or a water pill) that blocks your body from absorbing too much salt. Furosemide is used to treat fluid retention in people with congestive heart failure, liver disease, or a kidney disorder such as nephrotic syndrome.

Also included in the suspension, Cano will lose 80 games worth of salary or $11.85 Million of the $24 Million he is owed for his services in 2018, and will not be eligible for the Postseason or the All-Star Game.

Under Major League Baseball’s drug system, a player is not automatically suspended for the use of a diuretic unless MLB can prove he intended to use it as a masking agent.

Robinson Cano reportedly tested positive before the season and appealed, but after MLB reportedly determined his intent, Cano dropped his appeal. Cano claims that he was given the drug by a licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic and that the medicine is quite common.

“Recently I learned that I tested positive for a substance called Furosemide, which is not a performance-enhancing substance,” Cano said in a statement released by the MLB Players Association. “… For more than 15 years, playing professional baseball has been the greatest honor and privilege of my life. I would never do anything to cheat the rules of the game that I love, and after undergoing dozens of drug tests over more than a decade, I have never tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance for the simple reason that I have never taken one.”

“While I did not realize at the time that I was given a medication that was banned, I obviously now wish that I had been more careful,” Cano also stated.

The Seattle Mariners issued a statement regarding the matter.

“Robinson made a mistake,” the team’s statement said, “He has explained to us what happened, accepted the punishment and has apologized to the fans, the organization, and his teammates. We will support Robinson as he works through this challenge.”

The 2017 All-Star Game MVP had this to say about the suspension:

“This was the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life, but ultimately the right decision given that I do not dispute that I was given this substance,” Cano said in his statement about accepting the suspension. “I apologize to my family, friends, fans, teammates and the Mariners organization. I am extremely grateful for the support I have received during this process, and I look forward to rejoining my teammates later this season.”

Before the suspension, Cano was hitting a solid .287 with four home runs and 23 RBIs this season. The loss of their 8-time All-Star and team leader will be a huge hit to the Mariners as they vie to overthrow the Los Angeles Angels and the Houston Astros in the brutal American League West Division.

Cano has never been involved in any type of scandal during his Major League career, but this suspension could possibly prove to be detrimental to his Hall of Fame chances. Robby Cano has built a great career (and is closing in on 3,000 career hits) that could possibly be worthy of Hall of Fame recognition when it is all said and done, but this suspension could possibly ruin the whole thing.

What a shame.

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