Albert Pujols Surpasses Stan Musial for Seventh on All-Time RBI Leaderboard (Giuseppe)

Los Angeles Angels future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols singled in a run in the first inning of Sunday’s 7-5 loss against the Minnesota Twins to separate himself from Hall of Famer Stan Musial as seventh on the All-Time leaderboard with 1,952 career runs batted in. Pujols further separated himself from Musial in the ninth inning when he hit a single and drove in an additional 2 runs. Pujols finished the day 2-4 with 2 singles and 3 RBI.

After the worst offensive season of Pujols’ career in 2017, Pujols has thusfar hit a respectible .256/.294/.412 with 9 home runs, 36 RBI, and 23 runs scored in 252 plate appearances in 2018. Pujols has made headlines this year by also collecting his 3,000th career hit, just another amazing achievement to go with Pujols’ incredible Hall of Fame resume.

Pujols will continue to break records in 2018 with him standing at 623 career home runs, 3,027 hits, and, of course, 1,954 RBI. These numbers put Pujols within striking distance of Ken Griffey Jr. (630 home runs), Rod Carew (3,053 hits), and Lou Gehrig (1,995 RBI) respectively.

The future first ballot Hall of Famer just keeps breaking records and hitting incredible marks. Who knows where he’ll end up by the time his career is through?

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