Yoenis Cespedes to Undergo Season-Ending Surgery (Giuseppe)

The hits just keep on coming for the New York Mets as the ballclub has just announced that outfielder Yoenis Cespedes will undergo season-ending surgery on his heels. Cespedes will miss 8-10 months and the surgery will almost certainly delay Cespedes’ 2019 season debut.

Yoenis Cespedes will undergo two surgeries with the second taking place once Cespedes has partially recovered from the first. Cesepedes’ timeline for return will increase dramatically if there end up being complications with either surgery. In the surgeries, surgeons will go into his heel and remove bone spurs and other issues with his feet. The surgery is so invasive that even without complications, Cespedes’ timeline could be delayed longer than the predicted 10 months.

Cespedes said this through an interpreter at the press conference:

“Nobody would like to have surgery at any time. But I try to do my best to stay on the field and play a lot. We had exhausted all the conservative treatment options . . . I was not able to be on the field and play the way I used to.”

Cespedes will finish his 2018 season with a .262/.325/.496 batting line with 15 extra-base hits, three stolen bases, and an .821 OPS through 157 plate appearances. The New York Mets are currently playing horribly and have no shot at Postseason contention so Cespedes can rest assured that he isn’t missing much as far as the Mets are concerned. The Mets will likely begin a rebuild at the Trade Deadline and the loss of Cespedes gives them another reason to add on to their laundry list of reasons why they should rebuild.

Hopefully, Cespedes has a quick, safe, and easy recovery and we will be able to see him sometime during the 2019 season.

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