New York Mets David Wright Looking For One More Shot (Daryll)

By all accounts the face of the current New York Mets even though he hasn’t played a Major League game in two seasons – David Wright is trying to go against sage advice. He played in a real baseball game this past weekend and hasn’t played in the majors since May of 2016. He is hoping to defy the wise philosopher Eminem who famously decreed  that you only get “one shot, do not miss your chance”.

David Wright is not convinced that he missed his chance. He acknowledges that if he doesn’t get one more moment at the big league level this season he may not come back for spring training next season and finally face the “r” word. He said this weekend to the NY Post:

“I haven’t thought much about it, but since I have been in the big leagues it’s been over two years, so at some point if physically I can do it, great, and if physically I can’t, that’s a whole different conversation.”

How will it all end for David Wright aka Baseball’s Captain America?

Not all players get one more chance like this. This season Ichiro came back to the Mariners after inching across the 3,000 hit finish line last season with the Marlins but ended that role earlier(don’t call him retired). Ken Griffey Jr, another bygone Mariners legend also came back to the team and ended in bad form – retiring in the middle of a game.

In recent memory, one Cooperstown lock Chipper Jones did have a nice ending to his career. In 2012, his final season, the Braves were once again in postseason contention after making it back in 2010 and falling short on the final day of the season in 2011. Chipper, who single-handedly took the Braves to the playoffs in 1999 by beating up on the Mets and winning the MVP Award, was ready.

Down to the Phillies by 2 with 2 outs in the 9th and All Star Closer Jonathan Papelbon on the mount, up came Chipper and it just seemed like everyone but the Phillies knew was about to happen.

It was a great moment.

In 2001, the Cincinnati Reds had to put Griffey Jr on the DL but brought up Deion Sanders who hadn’t played baseball since 2001. His first night up he went 3-3 with a 3 run home run and got a curtain call. That would be his only home run in 31 games finishing out his baseball career in a way that only Neion Deion could.

John Kruk famously got a hit in the first inning of a game to end a slump. The slump had dropped his career batting average dangerously close to falling under .300. With the hit – he was safe. So in between innings he shook hands with teammates and was gone.

Jim Edmonds probably stayed on a little too long. When he hit a home run September 2010 he hurt his hamstring during the home run trot and never came back to play again.

Of course, you can’t talk about dramatic career endings without mentioning Roy Hobbs and Wonderboy.

Will Wright make it back up for one more moment of glory? Could the Mets actually have Tim Tebow and David Wright in the same lineup? If there is ever a duo that could boost ticket sales in September for a horrible team, those two might be able to do it. David Wright is an all time great guy, and I just have a feeling his final chapter hasn’t yet been written.

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