Into the Dark – an Off-Season Story (Daryll)

With the final out of the 2018 World Series, as once again a World Series champion celebrated on the road, I had several thoughts running through my head. First of all, it is strange to think that the Red Sox – a franchise that went 86 years BETWEEN World Series Championships, now has won 4 this century. Second – though I do love some Dodgers fans – I am happy that I won’t have to constantly reminded for a year that they won it all this year. We’ll keep those Kirk Gibson clips running for at least another year as the last year it all worked out. Third, and perhaps the darkest of all, is the realization that there is no more baseball until next April.

Technically, there is the Arizona Fall League which I was fortunate enough to visit last year but it won’t work out this season. Then spring training does start in March, but we are talking real, regular season baseball. Especially in an era where my team – the Braves – are a legitimate contender for the pennant once again. No baseball.

Listen to all of the ways this messes up my life:

I will free up time now every morning without listening to Buster Olney and Josh Macri on the Baseball Tonight podcast(and bonus scoreboard podcast). Sure, I already listen on 1.5x speed, but that’s still an additional 45-60 minutes where I’ll be fully focused on real, actual work.

Undoubtedly my screen time will go down as I will no longer need to check my mediocre fantasy team, playing for nothing but respect by July. Or at least as much respect as one can get in a 20 team rotisserie league with categories that include Holds, Fielding Percentage, and WHIP. Where I smile wryly knowing that Freddie Freeman was still 3B eligible this year after playing a handful of games there last year and excited how that will boost my fielding percentage.

Likely my quality of relationships will increase, because instead of silently contemplating the true value of BABIP and whether or not the Braves should double down on Julio Teheran while in conversation – I’ll be fully listening.

Instead of staying up past my wife to watch the Padres try – and likely fail – to secure a 4-2 victory playing at home in beautiful Petco Park, I’ll go to sleep earlier without second guessing my decisions to check or not check my phone as I lay in bed to see just how that 9th inning went. Seeing some positive signs on that team though…should I check to see how Franmil Reyes K/BB ratio increased after tonight’s game?

My little community of baseball friends who stay in touch nearly daily on some aspect of baseball will drift for the most part, except for the occasional check in when a major trade happens. Waiting for the spring when our conversations have real depth once again. I might even hear something personal about them, like a pregnancy or engagement which I’ve been known to miss despite the daily baseball talk.

My Facebook engagement will go way down now, ruining my social media influence score and fracturing several relationships with people I haven’t had a real conversation with since high school but now regularly join in on comment threads to point out how well the Braves are doing. Maybe I’ll take up political or religious posts on Facebook, or just get focused on finding the best pug or Australian Shepard videos on the internet? A worthy replacement if there ever was one.

Giuseppe and I will continue with the blog in the off-season. Keep your eyes on our DoubleDay Double Talk Remember Series, which will continue to expand and feel free to reach out with suggestions.

In the meantime though, it’s back to life without meaningful baseball for the next 5 months. I hope I make it.

2 thoughts on “Into the Dark – an Off-Season Story (Daryll)

  1. I, for one, will miss our conversations during the off season. Only 117+ days till the dodgers meet the angels on Feb 24.

    Could you point me to the conversation you had regarding the upswing in the use of analytics? I would like to read it again after watching this series.

    I trust your opinion more than that of Facebook trolls who are just angry with one coach.

    Thanks and see you next season!! ⚾️⚾️


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