San Diego Padres Sign Garrett Richards (Giuseppe)

The San Diego Padres signed pitcher Garrett Richards to a two-year, $15 Million deal on Thursday.

Richards required Tommy John surgery in July and will miss a large part (if not the whole year) of the 2019 season. In Richards’ eight-year career with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Richards pitched his way to a 3.54 ERA with 645 strikeouts and 268 walks in 744 2/3 innings.

“A lot of guys come back from this surgery and they have long careers,” Richards said in July after being notified that he will need to undergo Tommy John Surgery. “Hopefully, this adds a few years on the end of my career. I’ll be back. Everything will be fine. I’ll get through this.”

This deal is clearly a long-term gamble for the Padres as they are hoping that the now 30-year-old pitcher will be a big contributor in the 2020 season when Richards is 32. Hopefully, the former Angel comes back strong and has a solid tenure with San Diego for Richards’ and the Padres’ sakes.

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