Philadelphia Phillies Sign Andrew McCutchen (Giuseppe)

Free-agent outfielder Andrew McCutchen was signed by the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday to a three-year, $50 Million dollar deal

McCutchen posted a slash line of .255/.368/.424 with 20 homers, 65 runs batted in, and 14 stolen bases over 155 games between the San Francisco Giants and the New York Yankees in 2018.

McCutchen has seen a decline this past year and the 32-year-old looks to revamp his career back to its former form and become an MVP caliber player once again.

The Phillies just missed out of the 2018 Postseason with the Atlanta Braves swiping the rug out from under their feet to end the season. In 2019, the Phillies plan on overtaking their National League East counterparts by bulking up their roster this offseason (a tactic the Braves have clearly taken as well after acquiring Josh Donaldson).

The Phillies have said they are going to spend “stupid money” this winter. This deal, by that logic, makes sense as the Phillies are attempting to bulk up their roster in any way, shape, or form possible. The Phillies are said to still be looking for another corner outfielder, with Matt Gleb and Ken Rosenthal of “The Athletic” reporting that signing McCutchen will have no effect on the Phillies’ pursuit of Bryce Harper.

While McCutchen is no longer an MVP-caliber player, he will still put up solid numbers and be a solid middle of the order hitter while playing solid defense.

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