Chicago White Sox Sign Kelvin Herrera (Giuseppe)

The Chicago White Sox signed Kelvin Herrera to a two-year, $18 Million deal that includes a vesting option for a third year on Monday.

Herrera played 2018 with the Kansas City Royals and the Washington Nationals, posting a 2-3 record with a 2.44 ERA, 17 saves, 38 strikeouts, and 10 walks in 44 games. Herrera’s season ended on August 26 when he was carted off the field after lacerating the Lisfranc ligament in his left foot. The Lisfranc ligament connects various bones in the foot. In lamens terms, he hurt his foot.

The White Sox are desperately trying to get out of the basement in the American League Central and this was a solid pickup while they wait for Manny Machado’s verdict. Herrera will likely serve as the White Sox’ closer.

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