Doubleday Double Talk MLB Season Predictions 2019 (Daryll and Giuseppe)

Similar to last year, all 30 Major League Baseball teams will play on Opening Day, with the day being on March 28 this season, making it the earliest Opening Day in MLB history.

With the season rapidly approaching, it is time for Doubleday Double Talk’s annual season predictions. Giuseppe Vitulli and Daryll Dorman will attempt to correctly pick the 2019 MLB standings, the regular season awards winners, and the Postseason before a pitch is thrown in the 2019 season.

So stay tuned as Doubleday Double Talk’s writers try (and most likely fail) to predict what can only be guessed. The following dates are when our respective division, awards, and postseason predictions will be published.

Monday, March 11:  National League East

Tuesday, March 12: National League Central

Wednesday, March 13: National League West

Thursday, March 14: American League East

Friday, March 15: American League Central

Saturday, March 16: American League West

Sunday, March 17: Awards Predictions

Monday, March 18: Post-Season Predictions

So set your calendars, make sure to subscribe to our blog, and come back to see inside the crystal ball we have exclusive access to which will foretell how the 2019 season will unfold…until it doesn’t…

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