2019 MLB Postseason Predictions (Daryll and Giuseppe)

With our prediction articles already completed, now we get to the really fun part. You’ve seen what we think about the soft NL West, crowded NL Central, and super talented NL East. You’ve read about the defending Championship team in the AL East, the hapless AL Central, and the division with the best player in baseball the AL West. So how does the post-season playoff tournament look from there?

Daryll Dorman

National League: Braves in the East, Cardinals in the Central, and Dodgers in the West with the Nationals and Rockies taking the wild cards. Braves beat the Dodgers in round 1 with the Rockies winning the WC round before losing to the Cardinals. Braves beat the Cardinals in the NLCS and advance to the World Series.

American League: Astros in the West, Twins in the Central, and Yankees in the East with the Red Sox and Indians bringing in the Wild Card spots. The Red Sox beat the Indians in the WC and upset the Astros in the Division Series. Meanwhile, the Yankees beat the Twins (again!) and set up a rematch of the 2004 ALCS. The Red Sox win again though without a heroic Dave Roberts stolen base and head back to the World Series.

The World Series will be between the upstart youthful Braves and the defending Champion Boston Red Sox. The Braves surprise everyone and win their first World Series since 1995.

Giuseppe Vitulli

American League: Houston Astros in the West, Cleveland Indians in the Central, and New York Yankees in the East while the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins taking home the first and second Wild Card Spots. The Red Sox will win the Wild Card Game and the Yankees will beat the Red Sox in the Division Series rematch. The Indians will fall to the Astros and the Yankees will beat Houston in the American League Championship Series. The Bronx Bombers are going to the World Series once again.

National League: Atlanta Braves win the East, the Brewers in the Central, and the Rockies in the West while the Dodgers and the Cubs take home their respective Wild Card Spots. The Dodgers will beat the Cubs in the Wild Card Game and will fall to the Atlanta Braves in another ALDS rematch. The Brewers will defeat the Rockies and will stun the Braves in the NLCS.

The New York Yankees and the Milwaukee Brewers will face off in the 2019 World Series and the Brewers will shock the world and beat the Evil Empire in an incredible seven-game series full of home runs, strikeouts, and more home runs.

There you have it folks, Doubleday Double Talk’s 2019 predictions. While we are wrong more often than not and will look like fools picking like we did at the end of the year, these types of things are fun and prove one thing, you can’t predict baseball. Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below and here is to another season of Major League Baseball! Cheers baseball fans!

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