Chris Davis Sets Record For Historic Ineptitude (Giuseppe)

The bats of the Baltimore Orioles were on fire against the Oakland A’s in Monday’s game in a 12-4 victory for Baltimore. Unfortunately for one particular Oriole, his bat would remain silent while his team raked off Oakland. That player was Chris Davis, who set a dubious record after going 0-5 in Monday’s blowout.

With the hitless performance, Davis has now set the record for the most consecutive at-bats without recording a hit with a whopping 49. Davis’ horrid streak of ineptitude with the bat began on September 14th of last year and looks like it may never end.

The prior record was set by Eugenio Velez in 2010-11 when he failed to record a hit in 47 consecutive at-bats. Velez went hitless in his final nine at-bats of the 2010 season and in the final 37 at-bats of his career in 2011 with the Dodgers, Velez failed to record a hit, thus thrusting him to the forefront of a horrible list to be on for almost a decade…until tonight.

Facing Oakland A’s starter Marco Estrada in the top of the second inning, Davis hit a line drive that found its way into the glove of Stephen Piscotty. In his second at-bat, with two on and one out in the third, Davis tied Velez’s record by hitting a line drive to left that was caught by outfielder Robbie Grossman.

Davis, already tied with Velez for the dubious distinction, lined out again in the sixth inning to break his tie for the record. Davis would tack on two more at-bats and would extend his hitless streak to 49 games, shattering the old record with the possibility of the streak continuing for a long time.

“First three at-bats were really good,” Baltimore’s rookie manager Brandon Hyde said. “So I’m taking that as a positive moving forward.”

It is not only hard for Orioles and baseball fans alike to see someone who used to tear up the league play so badly, but Davis’ own teammates are hoping that Davis can finally get out of the funk he is in soon.

“Everybody in here is pulling for CD,” said Orioles starter Andrew Cashner. “The guy used to be one of the most feared hitters in baseball. So it doesn’t just affect him, it affects us. We don’t want to see him do bad. We want to see him to do well.”

After Davis’ historically awful night, the standings for the record he now holds are as follows:

  1. Chris Davis, 2018-19: 0 for 49
  2. Eugenio Velez, 2010-11: 0 for 46
  3. Bill Bergen, 1909: 0 for 45
  4. Dave Campbell, 1973: 0 for 45
  5. Craig Counsell, 2011: 0 for 45

The Baltimore Orioles also took a risk by signing Chris Davis to a 7-year, $161 Million mega-deal in 2016 and not only has the worst case scenario taken place, but it is currently in its nuclear winter. Davis set an MLB record last season by hitting .168, the lowest average ever by a qualified hitter and things are clearly only getting worse.

Davis can’t hit, he can’t field, and he can’t run anymore. Davis is currently being out hit by American League pitchers and he is not even halfway through his deal making the contract one of the worst ever. When you are getting booed by Orioles fans with the current state the team is in, things are not going good at all.

Deals like those of Albert Pujols and Davis’ serves as a warning to all teams when signing aging sluggers to megadeals and the possible repremandations that could come with that.

While it is unbelievable how much money Davis is making to play like he has never touched a bat before, it is impossible not to feel bad for the guy and hopefully, he records a hit soon, or he will be released and will never touch a Major League field again.

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