Vladimir Guerrero Jr Provides Walk Off (Spring) Moment (Daryll)

It may still have been a Spring Training game, but don’t call this moment meaningless.

Playing in the ballpark he walked in as a toddler, where his recently inducted Hall of Fame father started his career, wearing his dad’s number, Blue Jays top prospect Vlad Guerrero Jr knew exactly what the fans wanted as he walked to the plate in the bottom of the 9th of a scoreless game.

For mortals however, we can’t always provide what the people want.

Don’t call Vlad Jr mortal.

The crowd was already really into the whole Vlad legacy. A clubhouse worker had snuck in a uniform with his dad’s number #27 just thinking it might be a nice touch playing in Montreal’s old Olympic Stadium.

The ovation was nice, but for Vlad Jr to do what it did is pretty amazing. He may not appear again for the Blue Jays in 2019, but their fans know that an amazing talent is on the way who bears a resemblance to a man known for his power and his smile. Scouts suggest that Jr doesn’t have the arm of his dad but he does have better plate discipline. Which I know is great overall, but in the meantime enjoy watching Vlad Jr hit pitches that have no business being hit.

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