A Double Play Gone Wrong – Then Right (Daryll)

In case you haven’t noticed, Ramon Laureano of the Oakland Athletics is quite the defensive center fielder. This catch last season is probably the one that really put him on the map:

Since then Laureano has proved he is not a one hit wonder.

Yesterday Laureano must have said to himself, “Oops, I did it again” as he made a sensational catch over the fence to rob Teoscar Hernandez of a home run. Then, you can see him gear up to throw to first trying to mimic his play last season.

One problem: he overthrew first base.

Fortunately, his catcher was backing up first base who made his own great throw on the run to second base and complete the double play. The old 8-2-6. Standard, right?

Great defense is always fun to watch, and with the amazing Ichiro retiring this season (officially) he has a clear successor in baseball. That successor is Ramon Laureano.

Laureano was drafted by the Astros in 2014 and hit decently enough in the minor leagues, including hitting .297 in 64 games in AAA with 14 home runs before being called up to the A’s. He held his own at the plate last season, and though is a little slow out of the gate this season has already made some great throws. Against the Red Sox this season early on he made about a highlight throw a game.

For now – teams are still trying to run on him and stretch doubles into triples and score from second on well hit balls to center. If teams are smart they will stop immediately, the same way teams used to respect the arms of Great Arms gone by in Bo Jackson, Vladimir Guerrerro, and even for a time Yoenis Cespedes after a bit of an oops.


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