Seattle Mariners Starter James Paxton Tosses No-Hitter Against Toronto Blue Jays (Giuseppe)

Seattle Mariners starter James Paxton was absolutely stellar in his start on Tuesday night against the Toronto Blue Jays in which he pitched a no-hitter in dominant form. Paxton became the first Canadian pitcher to ever throw a no-hitter on Canadian soil as the Mariners steamrolled the Toronto Blue Jays 5-0.

Paxton is just the second Canadian pitcher to throw a no-hitter. The last one was 73 years ago when starter Dick Fowler of the Philadelphia A’s pitched a no-hitter against the St. Louis Browns on Sept. 9, 1945.

Paxton sailed through the first 8 innings without much of a struggle, and things were no different in the 9th inning. The first batter to challenge Paxton in the 9th was Anthony Alford. Alford swung at the first pitch he saw and fouled out down the right-field line for the first out of the inning. Next up, Teoscar Hernandez, who struck out on three straight pitches. The last batter James Paxton faced was 2015 American League Most Valuable Player Award winner Josh Donaldson. Paxton’s first pitch to Donaldson was a swinging strike. Up next, Paxton threw a 100 MPH strike that got Donaldson looking for strike 2. Josh Donaldson etched his name in the history books by grounded out to third to end it all.

“Of all places, here in Toronto, it’s pretty amazing. The fans were giving me some trouble in the seventh inning, but once I got past that they started kind of cheering me on. It was cool.”-James Paxton when asked about throwing a no-hitter in Toronto.

Paxton’s was the 6th no-hitter by a Seattle Mariners pitcher, following Hall of Famer Randy Johnson in 1990, Chris Bosio in 1993, a six-pitcher combined no-hitter started by Kevin Millwood in 2012, Felix Hernandez in 2012 (a perfect game) and Hisashi Iwakuma in 2015. Of all the Mariners no-nos, Paxton’s was the first to take place on the road.

James Paxton threw the 3rd no-hitter of the 2018 season (2nd by an individual) in just 99 pitches, making it a no-hitter of the “Maddux” variety. Of the 75 no-hitters that have been recorded since Major League Baseball began tracking pitch counts in the late 80s, a mere 12 of them have come in under 100 pitches making Paxton’s no-no especially impressive.

The no-hitter followed Paxton’s outstanding 16 strikeout outing he had against the Oakland A’s, and it is pretty safe to say that Paxton is in the zone at the moment.

Congratulations James Paxton! This is your night and you have earned it!

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